Resources (Articles and Videos) to Help You
In Promoting Your Private Practice

Below are links to articles and videos written and/or recorded by the staff of Uncommon Practices.


Factors Conspiring Against the Success of a Psychotherapy Practice in the 21st Century

Google AdWords 2014 - Four Free Videos

Understanding Return on Educational Investment

Why You Need to Get Serious About Mobile Websites

Updates on Google's Search Algorithm

Changes in Google's Search, Maps and Mobile - Sept. 2010

Why the Supervision/Apprenticeship Model of Learning is Best for Developing a Marketing Mindset

Key Elements for Private Practice Success

Community Networking

The Google Sandbox - Probation for New Sites

Tips on Using Google AdWords Pay Per Click Advertising

Developing a Money Mindset

The Truth About Using Facebook to Generate Referrals to Your Practice

Marketing Your Practice on the Internet

Choosing a Business Coach for Mental Health Private Practice Success

Use Mind Mapping to Dramatically Enhance Learning and Creativity

Common vs Uncommon Practices

The Challenge of Promoting Your Practice in an Era of Information Overload and Limited Attention

The Surprising Problems of Having a Full Practice

What is Marketing?

Title Tags and Search Engine Optimization

The Importance of Business Planning

Why Implementation Skills are Crucial to Your Success

Permission Marketing vs. Interruption Marketing

Do You Have a Lucrative Hobby or a Small Business?

Evaluating Risk in a Small Business

Why You Need a Web Site

Why a Web Site is Useless if You Don't Know How to Position It Online

Why You Need to Cultivate Referral Relationships



Marketing Lessons from the Apple Launch of the iPad

The Importance of Precisely Tracking Your Results

Understanding Meta Tags

Core Business Concept: Lifetime Value of a Referral

Google AdWords Campaign Settings

The Importance of Diversification