Pay Per Click Advertising with Facebook

Facebook has more users than any website in the world - and the longest average duration per visit to their site of any website in the world. Facebook's Pay Per Click advertising is the way to get the message about your services in front of the right people. Facebook gives you several options for the goal of your campaign:

But the real power in Facebook Pay Per Click ads, that even Google cannot match, is the remarkably specific targeting you can do, so only your exact ideal client ever sees your ads. Here are just a few of the demographic characteristics that you have control of with Facebook PPC advertising: 

Advertisers set their own daily budget, so you only spend as much as you want. You can pause your campaign at any time; there is no long-term commitment.


Facebook PPC is a wonderful tool for private practitioners to get their message out only to the people most likely to make an appointment. 

There are numerous skills necessary for a successful Facebook PPC ad campaign, including:

  • Creating a great headline
  • Creating the right ad copy
  • Choosing the correct image for your ad
  • Deciding which page to send the reader to (called the 'Landing Page') 
  • Designing the Landing Page using advertising methods to create the greatest likelihood of the reader contacting you for an appointment
  • Configuring the Campaign settings
Here are two examples of how Facebook Ads appear on a smartphone - which is where over 90% of them are viewed today:

At Uncommon Practices, we have been successfully using PPC ads since 2004, and are currently getting over 30 therapy referrals per month from our ads for our therapy practices. With this service, we set up an entire Facebook PPC campaign for you. You decide how many extra visitors you want per month to your website, and based on that we will recommend a daily budget for your campaigns. 

We have taken several advanced trainings in using Facebook PPC ads and are familiar with many of the subtle details that can greatly improve your overall results, and avoid some of the expensive pitfalls which can result from trial and error learning. 

When we create a campaign for you, we start with a one hour phone consultation to review the targeted niche your ad campaign to attract; discuss campaign settings and budget; and other factors. We then create your campaign and monitor it closely for 90 days - constantly updating and revising your campaign based on the feedback from your community.

All of our Internet Marketing Made Easy services are coordinated using the highly-acclaimed Basecamp Project Management system, which allows you to have full access to the progress on your project, with direct access to the staff working on your project at all times.

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Development of One Facebook
Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign
Full Payment, $1995

Development of One Facebook
Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign
First of Three Payments, $725


Development of One Facebook
Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign
First of Six Payments, $395