Office Manager / Admin Support Group

Office_staff_supportJoe Bavonese here – You know, one thing I have learned in coaching therapists for the past 18 years is that the backbone of any successful private practice – individual or group – is the person running the office. The Office Manager, who is the head of the Adminstrative team (whether they are alone, or manage a group of admin staff), really runs the show. They make sure all the balls in the air land safely. They coordinate schedules; manage phone calls, emails and the EMR; assist with or do billing; manage therapist egos; deal with client and staff crises (real and imagined); and keep everything running smoothly when any number of things threaten to break down.

I should know – because my practice was languishing in obscurity until by chance I hired the person who would spearhead our numerous stages of Group Practice growth. That person is Jennifer Miller. Jennifer has been working with me since 2000, and I can honestly say our practice would be nowhere near where it is today without her tremendous help and expertise. When she started, we had 5 therapists in one location; she now oversees 3 other admin staff, and keeps 24 therapists in 2 locations on top of their game.

Jennifer has also been doing consultations with Office Managers and Group Practice owners all over North America for the past four years, and getting great feedback and great results:

Jennifer Miller is my go-to resource for all my group practice administration questions. She helped me to develop a good job description for my admin assistant and taught me how to interview and hire the right person for the job. She has helped me to improve my systems including insurance verification and out of network billing. When I began credentialing our group practice on insurance panels, she gave me pro-tips and saved me hours of effort. But what surprised me most were her practical and helpful suggestions regarding managing a difficult employee. I felt incredibly relieved after discussing this person with her. Jennifer is not only a smart, efficient, and effective Executive Manager of a thriving group practice – she is kind, funny, and with a big heart! I am delighted to have had her help and continue to seek her counsel. She is a treasure!!

Casey Truffo
Be a Wealthy Therapist and
Director, Orange County Relationship Center

I find calls with Jennifer very helpful! She is an amazing person and very easy to talk to. I feel comfortable bringing up any questions or concerns I have. I really enjoy her clarity and the sincere feedback she provides me with. Jennifer will bring up her own experiences, struggles, and how she dealt with them. I find this very helpful because it gives me the confidence that I need to continue improving in my role and someone I can relate to. Knowing that I can speak with someone who has over 10 years of experience and that has gone through much of the things I am going through is a great support to have. Thank you Jennifer!!

Ana Vargas
Office Manager at Palo Alto Therapy

Joe and Jennifer

So it dawned on me that what’s really missing from the private and Group Practice landscape was a support group for Office Managers running mental health practices! There are support groups for therapists, and support groups for business owners, but Office Managers – the people who really bear the brunt of the stress, every day in the trenches – don’t have anywhere to go for support.

Well those days are over! Starting now, any Office Manager or Admin who would like support for the stresses of their job can get it with our Monthly Office Manager / Admin Support Group. In this monthly group, Jennifer will help your Admin…

  • Learn the best strategies for running your office efficiently and effectively
  • Get validation and understanding for the crazy, irrational things that happen on their job every week in a confidential, safe setting
  • Get support and feedback on how to deal with technology; difficult clients; your clinicians and other admin staff…and their boss!
  • Express their frustrations and challenges with people who TOTALLY GET IT!

The group meets once a month for an hour on the second Wednesday of every month at 2 pm Eastern, 1 pm Central, 12 noon Mountain and 11 am Pacific. Any questions that you want addressed on the call can be submitted ahead of time; all meetings will be recorded if you are unable to participate due to a scheduling conflict.

The fee to participate is $95 per month. I hope you’ll consider joining Jennifer in this exciting, fun venture.

For more information on how to sign up please email to coordinate.