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to provide personalized support to help you successfully implement the Six Modules of information.
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When you have a full practice but realize you still need to generate more income, one solution is to expand to a Group Practice.

The benefits of a Group Practice include:

  • being able to serve more people in your community
  • generating passive income
  • diversifying your areas of expertise by hiring practitioners with different specialties
  • expanding your marketing reach by offering new services
  • creating a more socially and intellectually-stimulating work environment with other colleagues

Program creator Joe Bavonese, PhD started a Group Practice in 1999 with two associates, and through a painful and expensive trial and error process grew the practice over time. Joe now has 24 psychotherapists working in three offices in his practice. In this program Joe shares all the things he has learned about how to smoothly create a Group Practice, and avoid the costly mistakes (in terms of time and money) many people make by taking this step without any guidance (see Joe’s articles on his struggles with a full practice, which ultimately led to his developing his Group Practice at The Surprising Problems of a Full Practice).

Since 2005, Uncommon Practices has helped many psychotherapists expand to a Group Practice, and this unique six-week program guides you through all the necessary steps in developing your own Group Practice.

If you already HAVE a Group Practice
, but want help in growing it further, click on one of the following links:

1 – 3 Clinicians: Advanced Adding Clinicians program

4 – 10 Clinicians: Group Practice Profits program

11 – 30 Clinicians: Group Practice Success program

For NEW Group Practices, the topics of THIS beginner program include:

  • administrative issues: processing inquiries, Intakes and the increased paperwork
  • clarifying your Group Practice Business Model
  • hiring competent office staff
  • hiring quality therapists who will stay with you for many years
  • how to best evaluate staff performance
  • creating an enduring brand image in your community
  • assessing your office space needs
  • liability/risk issue
  • payroll/financial issue
  • how to handle increased database management needs
  • your role as a Boss/Authority figure
  • how to increase referrals when you want to keep growing
  • and much more.

Quite a few people who have taken this program have seen their annual revenue grow to over $500,000 – with several over $3 million. Your mileage will vary based on your level of ambition; your geographic location; your areas of specialization; and your willingness to learn new skills.

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