Program Details for The Business of Psychotherapy: Creating Your Ideal Practice

Program Topics

Our program is four months long. To make sure you get a very solid business foundation, everyone in our program starts out with:

Business and Marketing Fundamentals for Mental Health Practitioners.

The program has been designed to include a comprehensive study and practical application of the most essential topics, skills and practices that we’ve found necessary to create a successful private practice. These topics include but are not limited to:

• Creating Your USP • The Eight Fundamental Laws of Service Marketing • Private Practice Essentials Checklist • Understanding The Only Three Ways to Grow your Business • The Lifetime Value of a Referral • Understanding and Implementing Risk Reversal • Eight Steps to Private Practice Success • Setting Your Fees • Winning the “Inner Game” of Private Practice • The Importance of Back-End Services • Implementing Standard Business Practices • Creating and Updating Your Business Plan • The Art and Science of Follow-up • Optimizing Your Referral Base

In addition, we teach all program participants our proprietary Eight Steps to Private Practice Success, our unique eight-step system for organizing all of the most important concepts, elements and practices of private practice success.

If you choose the optional coaching program, you also get four private phone consultations with an Uncommon Practices Business Coach who is already runs a successful private practice.

Take This Unique Program…

and establish a solid business mindset that will serve you for the rest of your career.

Personal Coaching/Mentoring

As clinicians, we’ve found that the best model for successful learning is a combination of:

  1. studying essential concepts and methods that have been tested in the real world of practice; and
  2. ongoing supervision with someone who’s demonstrated an ability to successfully apply that knowledge, while you begin to apply the methods yourself.

We’ve learned that the same is true for business and marketing training: we all have places of resistance or difficulty in follow through that require the support and accountability that a supervisor or coach can supply. In fact, Jay Abraham – one of the world’s most famous (and expensive) marketing consultants for small businesses – told us that he will no longer do any marketing seminars without a personal coaching component, because so few people are able to follow through and apply what they’ve learned, without consistent follow-up (and this is true even when people are paying $5,000 – $15,000 for a three day seminar with him).

So we know supervision is essential. That’s why we’ve structured our program so that you can get a Personal Coach or Mentor to provide support, feedback, guidance and accountability to help you make steady progress toward your ultimate practice goals. Best of all, every one of our Business Coaches is a psychotherapist currently running a successful private practice. They fully understand what you’re dealing with, because they are in the same trenches every day.

This ongoing personal attention is one of the unique features of our program that greatly increases your application of what you’re learning. And focusing on implementation is one of the key strengths of our program. We know you’re busy and that it can be difficult to implement new ideas and practices. But we also know that consistently working ON your business while working in it is the only thing that will create different results. That’s why we also teach all participants the latest time management strategies as part of our program. We want to give you every opportunity to succeed.

Program Features

In each month of the program, all Business of Psychotherapy: Creating Your Ideal Practice participants:

  • Receive 4 – 6 articles on practice building, along with one application assignment every two weeks via email. The articles are cumulatively arranged to build a solid business and marketing mindset. The assignments guide the participant to apply each article to their unique situation – whether they’re just starting out; want to fill up a solo practice or expand to a group practice.
  • Have one personal 30 minute coaching phone call a month – from one of our coaches who is already running a successful private practice themselves – to answer questions; process any resistances or “stuck” points; and provide accountability for consistent action every month

To get an idea of the range of benefits and results you can expect from the program, Click Here to Read Testimonials from past and present program participants.

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