Essential Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine OptimationIf your website is not generating as many referrals as you would like, and/or is not showing up high on the search engine results page, you need to have your site optimized for local search. Based on our years of SEO success and experience, our SEO service is a comprehensive solution to this problem. SEO will help your local search rankings. Note that SEO is not an instant cure for website ranking. The effects of SEO work gradually over time. Your ultimate ranking depends on many factors, including your location; your competition; and your areas of specialization.

With this service, we optimize your site by doing the following:
  • Comprehensive keyword research on your area(s) of specialization
  • Optimize and verify your Google Business listing, to help you show up at the top of the free local business listings;
  • Register/optimize your site with Microsoft Bing
  • Register your site on over 25 other directories to give you numerous inbound links to improve your Google Page Rank
  • Give specific feedback on how to create effective meta tags, which are crucial for local search engine optimization success
  • Do a comprehensive Website Analysis on your site, with eight different statistical analyses – and then based on that data and a qualitative review of your site, give you a specific sixteen-point feedback and recommendations, with important topics such as improving your meta tags and keywords, and how to improve conversion of visitors to your site to contacts. This analysis is conducted personally by Joe Bavonese, PhD who has been reviewing therapist websites since 2005, and who gets over 120 Internet referrals every month for his own private group practice. (NOTE: we cannot implement these recommendations for you, since we do not have access to your website files and hosting account. Your webmaster should be able to implement these recommendations easily based on the feedback we provide)

All of our Internet Marketing Made Easy services are coordinated using the highly-acclaimed Basecamp Project Management system, which allows you to have full access to the progress on your project, with direct access to the staff working on your project at all times.

Also, as with any Internet Marketing campaign, there is no way to predict exactly how many referrals you might get from an SEO campaign. That depends on many factors, such as your location; your specialty areas; the design of your website; your ability to convert inquiries to appointments, etc. No promise is made or implied as to the number of new referrals you will get from an SEO campaign created by Uncommon Practices.

The total fee – ONE TIME ONLY – for Uncommon Practices’ Search Engine Optimization service is $995 (full payment), or $375/month for three payments.

How do our fees compare with other companies offering SEO services? Well in addition to a startup fee, most Search Engine Optimization companies charge a very high monthly fee – such as the following three examples from leading SEO companies:

At Uncommon Practices, we never charge a monthly fee – because if the keyword research, on page optimization and inbound links are done correctly the first time, these key metrics do not change significantly over time.

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