Social Media MarketingTwitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are revolutionizing the Internet. With this service, we create dynamic presences on all of these top Social Networking sites for you, and get you started on developing contact lists for each service. We also show you how to use each service to post and reply to messages; set privacy settings; and get more visitors to your website by optimizing your profiles for each service.

The benefits of mastering Social Networking include:
  • inexpensively generate local referrals
  • connect with other professionals for support and opportunities to sell your clinical services or products
  • enhance the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website or blog through the skillful use of Social Networking
  • add to your Mailing List to facilitate inexpensive email marketing of your services

These Social Networking sites have already exceeded Google in the number of daily visitors, and their numbers are only expected to grow in the future.

All of our Internet Marketing Made Easy services are coordinated using the highly-acclaimed Basecamp Project Management system, which allows you to have full access to the progress on your project, with direct access to the staff working on your project at all times.

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