Resources to Help You Succeed in Private Practice


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Mental Health Practitioner Resources

The Most Complete Stress Reduction Guide Available Online

Lynn Grodzki – Private Practice Success

Self Growth

Zur Institute
Innovative Resources and Online Education for Psychologists, MFTs, Social Workers, Counselors and Nurses

Psychology Degree
Guide to over 220+ Psychology Degree programs in the US – on campus and online

Dr. Patrick

How to Become a Social Worker

Learn Psychology

Mental Health for College Students

Ed Regensburg

Quit Smoking Community

Addiction Resources

American Society of Addiction Medicine
Integrating Mind & Body through Psychotherapy and Hypnosis for a Healthy, Happy, & Peaceful Life
Helping singles and couples achieve healthy, loving relationships that can last a lifetime

Relationship Counseling: 25 years specializing in helping couples renew love, rebuild trust & resolve problems

Psychotherapy, Marriage Counseling and Mediation

Healthy Relationships for Life

Individual and Couples Counseling in Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona

Creating Healthy Relationships Blog

Relationship Realizations: Psychotherapy for Singles and Couples; and Help with Financial Management

Healing Hearts, Transforming Minds: Couples Counseling of Phoenix, Arizona

Golden Gate Counseling of San Francisco, California
Marriage Family Therapist in San Francisco and I am always available to set up a free consultation.
Child, Adolesent and Family Therapy in Michigan
Counseling in Wichita KS
Anxiety and Panic Treatment Center

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